For ten years I have been exploring the sculptural possibilities of single-stitch crochet. Sculpting by way of this process is like creating a continuous line drawing in three-dimensions. Each stitch is a moment in time, with the tension of each moment giving structure to the overall form. The looping process disrupts the continuity of the line and when repeated en masse lends a pixelated quality to the surface of each sculptural form. In this sense, the objects indicate a digital correlation, and the pixelated surfaces work to provide the overall structure of the form. This oscillation between continuous line, dimensional object, and pixelated surface opens a gateway, inviting exploration of the liminal space between the handmade and the digitally rendered.

-itis (front view), glazed and painted porcelain, 2014
-itis (sided view), glazed and painted porcelain, 2014
Red Shift, painted porcelain, 2015
Red Shift (detail view), painted porcelain, 2015