Sculptural movement allows for a temporary expansion in the mind, thus creating the space necessary for a new understanding. It counters the characteristic immobility that accompanies a fear of the unknown and an unwillingness to explore new ideas and empathic understanding. I work to generate a sense of movement in a space as a way of reflecting back to the viewer her/his/they own capacity to create value and meaning in her/his/they life.

Moreover, I am interested in how emotion, particularly fear, affects our whole body. How is fear registered and expressed through a body, even though the stimuli and perceptual input—to that body—might be mostly visual? Outside of one’s intended or unintended individual expression— our bodies (collectively) have a lot of socio-political meanings imposed upon them. I am considering this imposition as a complication to seeking and navigating interpersonal connectivity.

Untitled (Model), 2016, Digital Image
Untitled (Dictation), 2015, Digital Document
Untitled (Wall), 2015, Digital Video
Untitled (Attribution), 2015, Digital Video