Many things that we miss or don’t recognize could be a result of our actions. I am interested in the possibility that a minor thing could be the cause of another event and it could spread uncontrollably. It’s the same in our relationships.

My work initiates from this idea. One amusing element arouses another event, and the event causes other events. The amusing element distracts the audience from seeing the contact points between events so that they think each event is individual. However, if the audience follows the element, they would find the moments where the movements are transmitted from one event to another, and it would become another amusement. These chain reactions of devices present the idea that trivial events in a routine could lead to unpredictable results. This Chain Reaction system is used as an element that reveals the subject of my work.

Chain Reaction_Digital Fabrication Practice01, 2016, Wood, Motor, Bolt, Cotton ball
Chain Reaction_Digital Fabrication Practice02, 2016, Wood, Stand, Fan, Motor, Bolt
Chain Reaction_Digital Fabrication Practice03, 2017, Wood, Motor, Bolt, Speakers, Amp
Chain Reaction_Sound Series, 2011, Mixed Media
Chain Reaction_Gravity, 2013, Motor, Gears, Switches, Oil