My work centers on feminist concepts that I research, apply, and explore through the process of art-making. These concepts are often expressed through the lens of my own conservative Christian upbringing and schooling. Through my work, I advocate for a re-examination of the beliefs surrounding gender, morality, and sexuality of the Christian right. Currently, I am focused on the myth of virginity and it’s perceived tie to women’s morality and intrinsic worth, as well as the intersection of gun laws and domestic violence. Through the works, I analyze these concepts and challenge viewpoints. Through performance, installation, and prints, I examine conservative Christian rhetoric surrounding women’s bodies, the sexualization and obsession with purity, and the ignorance it breeds.

Feminist Killjoy Set, 2016, Costume and 7 ft pie
Feminist Killjoy Costume, 2016, Original embroidered patch
Video Still from Well Woman Exam, 2016
Be Mine (The Boyfriend Loophole), 2016, 100 chocolate guns, plastic boxes, ribbons; Pays tribute to the average of 1,000 women murdered by their intimate partners each year.
Feminist Killjoy Protest Sashes, Satin and polyester