Observing the land in a time when human activity has impacted climate and our environment, I embrace a bittersweet uneasiness when painting a landscape – a sense of a bygone time. An unpopulated landscape invites free associations to the meaning of open space, and added lack of detail begs one to fill in the blanks. ‘Calculated omissions’ spur the imagination to ruminate on preservation versus destruction of nature. Where naturally occurring large areas of land, often peaceful and soothing, collide with cramped, man-made structures, the consequences can produce unexpected results. I like to explore forms latent in nature, particularly those of syncopated lines with repetitive rhythms. Incompleteness, non-exact lines and wonky perspectives point to the physical vulnerability of land from man and mans’ effect—intended or not—on nature.

fast and loose, 2016, Mixed media on canvas
whisked away, 2017, Mixed media on canvas
ode to humboldt, 2017, Mixed media on canvas
down to earth, 2016, Mixed media on canvas
barking up the wrong tree, 2016, Mixed media on canvas