I have spent much time at airports without actually catching a flight of my own. It is the most apt physical manifestation of liminal space. Enthralling and slightly frightening, the text and imagery of the jumbotron terminal schedule, advertisements, and the amount of people sustains the excitement of a fleeting moment.

Although the lines of airports are stress pockets, I am interested in viewers encountering my art as a way for them to wait in line with me, to get from point a to point b, flying blind. The waiting of the lines and the frustration of not being able to see where I “need” to be; I am drawing without my glasses mostly. The frustration of blurred vision provides me with a way to focus my attention to the gesture, rhythm and movement of lines, pulling definitions of shape and form apart.

Children's Hospital, 2016, Emulsion, oil pastel, charcoal, ink, graphite, coffee, watercolor on paper and canvas
Cowboy Kids Bop, 2016, Acrylic, oil on linen
Pearl Harbor, 2016, Enamel on steel
Flying Blind, 2016, Screen printing ink, acrylic on canvas
Infantry, Vehicles, Livestock, Politics, 2015, Enamel on steel
Silicone Doll Collection, 2017, Oil, crayon on paper
Scantron Transaction, 2017, Oil, crayon on canvas
Silicone Poultry Option, 2017, Oil, crayon on canvas