There is power in the incidental. My approach to both painting and sculpture is archaeological in nature. The act of building up a surface and stripping the material back exposes strata of each piece’s evolution, and the complexities of its story. By pulling entities apart and making a mess, I create room for exploration, musings, and chance. Just as the world’s natural tendency towards collapse is manifested in avalanches, mudslides, decomposition, and fragmentation, my starting point is similarly entropic. Yet my use of color and construction reinvigorates. I have always been interested in what happens when something whole is disassembled and put back together again. It is no longer what it once was; it has become something else, something more precious in its transformed state.

Left Over 1, 2017, Tinted plaster, paper, concrete, steel
Left Over 5, 2017, Tinted plaster, concrete, steel
Left Over 2, 2017, Tinted plaster, paper, steel
Left Over 4, 2017, Tinted plaster, concrete, steel
Departure, 2017, Tinted plaster, concrete, polyurethane, paper