María Burbano is an Ecuadorian artist currently based in Chicago. She believes that the value of an art piece is manifested when the artist and its audience encounter self discovery in it. For the past seven years, Burbano has been living abroad, away from her homeland. In this time, she has developed a particular sensitivity for the melancholy found in industrial spaces and the humor behind the daily cynical attitude of city-people. In her artwork, she attempts to mirror the insight of coexisting with various incompatible realities. Burbano takes photographs of vacant industrial spaces, which she then references to create abstract paintings wherein these spaces are populated with imagined figures and subsequently transformed into futuristic stages for Burbano’s cartoonish and sensual figures to interact.

I am glad we tried, 2017, Oil on canvas
My first time up here, 2017, Oil on paper
The blue line, 2017, Oil on paper
Untitled, Ink drawing
Y exhalamos, Ink on paper