My work resembles my own teenage rebellion. It is loud and fighting to be noticed. The colors are electrically charged; the vibrancy will attract and trap you. Developing conflicting relationships between colors and layered gestures is what drives me. I am an abstract painter whose artistic preferences include chaotic gestures, an exploration of various materials, and loud music. The Chaos develops an endless amount of information, which overloads my brain; there is nonstop activity happening internally and externally. Mostly, I am stimulated by my surrounding environment. After being over stimulated with the outside world, I must step back and take a second to process and divide the information; keeping the key details and discarding the rest. I find that it helps me organize my thoughts. Even though I narrowed down the information I need to completely release it onto the canvas, the images I develop are a visual overload.

Untitled I, 2017, Mixed media on canvas
Untitled II, 2017 Mixed media on canvas
Untitled III, 2017, Mixed media on canvas
Poppers, 2017, Mixed media on canvas
Untitled, 2016, Mixed media on canvas