Opening November 2nd

Chaumasa: Four Months of Monsoon

by Anirudh Shaktawat 

Open Hours: Sharp Gallery

November 2nd – 17th
Monday – Friday: 11am – 6pm

This exhibition brings together works produced by the artist during Chaumasa, the four-month period of Monsoon, in his village in western India. At this time of the year the assumed boundaries between interior and exterior, and self and environment evaporate as water seeps into walls and moisture permeates skin; the porous concrete becomes the epidermis and walls become the surrounding hills. By reflecting on local architecture, aesthetic and religious practices, and water management systems the show attempts at developing a waterscape of a region where rains are both sacred matter and resource for storage.

Documentation from the artist’s exhibition in India will be shared both online via SITE’s website here as well as physically in our Sharp Gallery. Check back in November!