Opening September 8th

Llano en Llamas

by Eva Salazar 

Open Hours:

Sharp Gallery

September 8th – 22nd
Monday – Friday : 11am – 6pm

In her first solo show, ​Eva Salazar presents textile works created during a grieving process beginning in 2018, when repressed memories of trauma surfaced to reveal the continued abuse and sexual assault the artist suffered from the ages 6 to 11. In Mexico, 41% of female identifying people over the age of 15 have been sexually assaulted at least once (ENDIREH). In the last two years, a movement has sparked in Mexico and Latin America to end the violence against women. The work presented in this exhibition documents a response to this movement, escapulating Salazar’s  radicalization through the subversion of Juan Rulfo’s iconic texts depicting Machismo and masculinity in Mexico. The urgent mark-making of the body prints contrasts the slow and delicate nature of the hand woven textile to create objects that are simultaneously artworks and protest banners: here is my body and my body is protest.

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