Opening October 5th


by Juan Arango Palacios

Moises Salazar  

Open Hours:

Sharp Gallery

October 5th  – October 20th
Monday  – Friday: 10am – 6pm

Recuerdos explores the complexities that are generated by the re-contextualization of a quinceañera’s cultural celebration within a queer identity. It includes various paintings and sculptures and serves as the performance space for the artists’ quinceañera celebration. The exhibition defies social assumptions about queerness, femme identity, masculine identity, and their cultural identity. It aims to speak on the duality of trauma and joy that the artists have experienced being queer within the Latinx community. It is by focusing on this relationship that Recuerdos explores themes of neglect, self-acceptance, and nostalgia.

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A performance in conjunction with the exhibition Recuerdos.

Performance with: Sydnie & Haylie Jimenez

You can also find the video on the artist’s personal website: