Opening October 19th

the light comes in the name of the voice

by corey douglas smith 

Open Hours: 280 Gallery

October 19th to November 3rd
Monday – Friday: 11am – 6pm

the light comes in the name of the voice is an opera for an emptied theater. This seven-hour long musical work, told as a gallery installation using only light and sound, investigates the corners of things, the transparent, the more-than-human. Fabric forms perform the operatic narrative by catching light — they fade in and out of view alongside the original sound score. the light comes in… attempts to articulate the ununderstandable and the imperceptible through the grammar of absence, the logic of ghosts.

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Live Exhibition 

The full seven-hour opera streamed!

This documentation has been captured by a 360 camera — click and drag to move your view around the gallery.

from the exhibition

Featured Work

In September 2020, eleven artists were sent fragments of audio from the light comes in the name of the voice, an opera and gallery installation. They were given the task of responding, recontextualizing, and remixing these materials into something new. The result is an album of new audiovisual work, an experiment in collaboration across pandemic, and a collective prayer. A team of remixers — composed of musicians, writers, farmers, performance artists, chefs, woodworkers, and more — carry the music in new directions and offer a collaborative look into the abyss.

The full remix album is available for streaming/purchasing at

All proceeds from this album will be donated by the artist to Brave Space Alliance

Released October 28, 2020

Remixes by Eric Capper, Nadine Dyskant-Miller, Clay Gonzalez, Jordan Knecht, Lia Kohl, Perry Maddox, Paige Naylor, Ethan T. Parcell, Seth Sexton, and Anthony Sims. Also featuring Simon Anderson, Noah Fishman, and Emma C. Sloan. Special thanks to Ellie Mejía, Katie Giritlian, Matthew Goulish, Roberto Sifuentes, Mark Jeffery and Jamie Irene.