Where We Are


March 29 – April 17

SITE Sharp Gallery



SITE Curated

Contributing Artists

Erin Armstrong , Catie Burrill, Rio Chen, Zeppelin Dufour, Ruotong Guan, Amy Guo, Marylu E. Herrera, Florence Liu, Madison Nicole May, Zander Raymond, Olya Salimova, Rahma Shahid & Rio Chen, Jonas Sun, Heidi Wanzek & Em Klein, Qi Yin, Araceli Zuniga

Exhibition Statement as Preserved in the SUGS/SITE Archives:

“As we surpass one year living in lockdown, we consider how our art, thoughts, and spaces have adapted to living in a pandemic: how have we changed? In this new context, we’ve reckoned with the notion of productivity: what does making look like in the privacy of our homes? How have we adapted our processes, and what new values have we discovered?

Where We Are shares how artists in the SAIC community have shifted their creative practices from product-oriented working to an investigation of what it means to do the work. Locality has gained new meaning, informing the material, context, and scale of work. Artists have switched to mediums easily manipulated from home, found materials, collected scraps, and improvised with everyday household materials. Isolation, intimacy, monotony and uncertainty have all informed daily and artistic life. In situating these artists’ works in a spatial conversation, this exhibition reflects the experimentation, resilience, and compassion that has generated such new and necessary intentionality.”

Exhibition Material

The SITE team put together a virtual and physical booklet of SITE Curated: Where We Are detailing the exhibition narrative and individual artworks. See the booklet below.