Waiting at the End of the World


April 15 – May 1

SITE 280 Gallery


Contributing Artists

R. Dahan + Orr

Exhibition Statement as Preserved in the SUGS/SITE Archives:

Waiting at the End of the World finds what intimacy is in the archiving of bodies, relationships, and partners with the self. Puppets and imagery display as examined specimens, gathered and holding steady amongst each other. They ask how the nature of healing appears; an iterative genesis of forms, until one vessel is a dwelling to belong in. It is a sigil for celebrating anthropomorphic, transmutated and sentient identities.


Waiting at the End of the World: Exquisite Corpse Performance + Q&A

April 20, 6:00-7:00 PM

Program statement from the SUGs/SITE archive:

“This coming Tuesday, April 20th, join artists Ra Dahan and Micheal Orr as they perform a live drawing of a large scale exquisite corpse mural. The drawing will have a barrier between them both, impeding them from knowing the combined outcome of the drawing — and thus, the body that they will be rendering — until the very end of the performance. As an audience, you you will see in real time how the body is being built, what parts are coming together, and which parts are not matching at all. With this exercise, the artists investigate the process of creating bodies, and the healing, molting, and augmenting that comes along with it. A Q&A is to follow. Please tune in! Eventbrite tickets in bio.”