SITE Sharp Gallery:

January 25 – February 23,

Opening January 25, 4-6 PM CST   

This exhibition presents the artist’s practice pursuing the reawakening of the dulled senses of contemporary subjects. His experience as an archaeologist led him to objects embodying a static sense of time, contrasting with the rapid, chaotic changes in today’s society.

The <Portrait of Loss> project, showcased in this exhibition, began with the artist’s encounter with a dismantled giant Christmas tree in Millennium Park at midnight, evoking a temporal disparity between time as life and as mere decoration. Sangwoo collected the remnants of its deconstructed body and transformed them into dust with its natural pine scent, creating an olfactory experience that demonstrates the feeling of loss. This series, embracing ephemerality and ecological continuity, evolves with time: the color of the dust fades, the images on paper gradually vanish, and ultimately, it returns to nature, catalyzing new life.


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