Making It

The SAIC Wellness Center is excited to present MAKING IT, an exhibition that looks to artists to make sense and meaning out of the isolating state of the global pandemic. This exhibition invites us to consider how we might collectively move through the demands of this unprecedented moment.

Artists are idea generators, mobilizers and problem solvers. They help us to reflect, imagine and activate change. During the pandemic we have depended on arts and culture to provide us with solace, mobilization and protest. Art reminds us of our resilience – and is a reflection of our present. It reveals how we are “MAKING IT” through these challenging times.

“MAKING IT” will exhibit art that portrays how it feels to live in this emotionally charged state of vulnerability, inequity and isolation. This exhibition intends to inspire us to cultivate care, empathy and compassion for one another and for ourselves in service of a more hopeful future.