These are words, to put into words, the most recent paintings. They are oil paint on canvas, most have people in them save for a few that I painted while inside hotel rooms I was staying at. A list of some things I would use to describe them or where they came from, in no particular order of hierarchy, are as follows: Abstract thoughts represented through images, A broken narrative, Nostalgia. Desire. , Comfort/Discomfort, Domesticity fulfilled or unfulfilled for whatever unfulfilled domesticity means, Human connection and disconnect, Lack of another, Presence of another, Self-Identity effected by either of the aforementioned, The notion of two-ness with self or with another, The space you can fit into and the space that is foreign, The space you wish you fit into, Stranger- us or them, The traces we leave, Ethereal roughed around the edges, Body as vessel as testament to our existence

"Untitled (grease stains), 2016, oil on canvas
"You and That Little Dog Too", 2016, oil on canvas
chair, Missouri. Off Route 66, 2016, digital photo
flying buttresses, Texas. Off Route 66, 2016, digital photo