My work has been addressing themes of displacement since 2008, with the crash of the housing market and subsequent tent cities that began springing up in California and Nevada after many people lost their homes. Soon after, I began looking at other reasons people were being displaced throughout the world–the earthquakes in Japan and Chile later that year, the genocide in Darfur, the Gaza bombings, the continual unrest in the Middle East, and the disappearing cities like Detroit suffering from a mass exodus of industry and unemployment in a sinking economy.

I have been particularly interested in the concepts around borders, embarking on long, continuous walks equivalent to the lengths of the borders of Gaza and inviting people to talk with me about the projects. The Border Projects are a series of ongoing investigations that open up the dialogue around borders in our lives–whether geographic, personal, social, economical or otherwise.

The Border Projects: In Conversation, 2016
The Border Projects: Sketch in Snow and Paint, 2015
The Border Projects: 24.6 Mile Walk, 2015
The Border Projects: 24.6 Mile Walk, 2015
The Border Projects: Sketch in Flour
The Border Projects, 2016.
The Border Projects: 26 Mile Walk
Witness: Afghanistan, 2009
Gaza: 2009/2014