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Faculty Support

The Beautiful/Work campaign supported our faculty, who teach, mentor, and inspire students to make visionary and groundbreaking work. They are leading practitioners in their fields, and their influence on students extends far beyond their time at SAIC. Our endowed funds for faculty attract today’s leading thinkers and makers to Chicago, making the city and the School a world-class destination for art and design.

SAIC Professor Michelle Grabner is one of the most prominent female artists in the art world today. Read her story

Named Faculty Professorships

Endowing a position for an exemplary professor acknowledges and supports the faculty member’s commitment to education, institutional excellence, and professional practice. Named professorships also lend an element of prestige to the School by highlighting our association with cultural and civic leaders. A named faculty professorship endowment fund can be created through a commitment of $2 million or more.

While the Beautiful/Work campaign officially closed on June 30, 2018, you can still endow a named professorship. Contact Kendra Foley at 312.499.4190 or

“We are proud to recognize the personal growth and confidence that comes to a student when engaged with a brilliant teacher.”
—Todd and Liz Warnock, creators of the Marion Kryczka Excellence in Teaching Fund

Excellence in Teaching Fund

An Excellence in Teaching Fund provides an opportunity for SAIC to acknowledge and support outstanding full-time and part-time faculty members with a monetary award. Selected by a committee chaired by the Dean of Faculty, these awards help SAIC attract, recognize, and retain exceptional faculty whose influence radiates outward across the city and the world.

While the Beautiful/Work campaign officially closed on June 30, 2018, you can still create an Excellence in Teaching Fund. Contact Kendra Foley at 312.499.4190 or

Stories of Impact

SAIC faculty are nationally and internationally known artists, designers, and thought leaders who push our School and our city to evolve. Your support enables our faculty to impact the future of art and design. Through your gift, you embolden them to build a world-class art community in Chicago and beyond while driving our School and all that it influences forward.

Eduardo Kac

Professor and alum pioneers a new art form and coins the term "bio art."

Michelle Grabner

The Crown Family Professor in Painting and Drawing is shaping the current dialogue on contemporary art.

George Aye

SAIC Professor designs for the greater good.

Nick Cave

SAIC Professor defies genres and bridges fashion, sculpture, performance, sound, and fiber art.

Susanna Coffey

The F.H. Sellers Professor in Painting is best known for her work in traditional genres.

Frances Whitehead

SAIC Professor and Lead Artist on The 606 is modeling new pathways for artists.

Invest in SAIC's Intellectual Leaders

Endowed Professorships
These awards support teachers, artists, and intellectual leaders in a range of top programs.