Born and raised in Shanghai, Jian has Bachelor of Architecture degree from Hong Kong University. Jian interned in many architecture firms and design studios such as Aedas Architects, 2define for Marshall Strabala and DCI group. After he graduated from HKU, Jian worked for SOM for over one year before he moved to Chicago. Jian is also one of the co-founders of Peng Architects in Shanghai with many built projects in China, Taiwan and South-East Asia.  Jian believes in the power of space and form in architecture to stimulate the emotions of people. He intends to negate the narratively based role of information during design. In other words, he prefers ‘logic images,’ as in a dream with multiple layers of meanings, rather than a logic intelligence shown in most narration.

A Window Through Which You Can See the Future

“How can architects design interventions into the infrastructure of existing metropolises to improve the quality of life for their prospective residents?”

My thesis project takes the influence of global climate change into account to achieve sustainable planning and  retrofit current cities, focusing specifically on the downtown Loop area of  Chicago. The thesis builds upon the Chicago Climate Action Plan and Chicago Metropolitan Agency Plan, which both concentrate on future infrastructure development in order to address global city problems. The project starts from a CTA “L” train in the Loop, keeping the current function of the station, and adding more new city programs above each stop to improve the quality of life of urbanites in Loop. The New LOOP Line consists of multiple but linked design opportunities, each with different scales of time, size and shape; each local building has its own tailored set of programs, functions, and opportunities. Resilient skins are designed to protect these new programs and create a microclimate for the users.