Maggie Grady attended the University of Cincinnati where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Architecture in 2011. During her undergraduate, Maggie had the opportunity to work for a non-profit, urban design firm in Columbus, Ohio, working with neighborhood groups and city officials on revitalization efforts in low-income communities. This experience fueled a passion for public interest design that Maggie aims  to pursue as a part of her professional practice. Maggie has collaborated with professors, fellow students, and outside groups on public art installations and performance pieces, working with fiber and material artist Anne Wilson, architect Odile Compagnon, and The Arts Incubator at the University of Chicago, among others. Through work experience and school, Maggie has focused on the study of existing buildings, social practice and historic preservation and questioning the relationships between the different fields

Unfinished Narratives

“Preservation is a collective community memory, ever-changing and dependent on time, events and the people who define a place.”

Questioning relationships between the narratives of a vacant, historic fire house and the past, present and future needs of the Woodlawn community.