Chester Ong is a Chicago-based product designer who uses traditional materials and familiar forms to create objects that are not what they seem. Hidden electronics and other technologies are embedded to create surprising interactions, producing unexpected moments of delight.  Chester’s background in psychology paired with an user centered design approach drives his interdisciplinary practice. These concepts are incorporated into design to encourage behavioral change. Most recently, he launched a furniture piece for CB2’s small space living collection.

kairos | καιρός

Flow is a psychological state that occurs when one is completely absorbed in an activity with an energized focus that can enhance creativity and productivity. Kairos, referring to “a time when conditions are right for an accomplishment of crucial action,” becomes an environment where flow experiences can be visualized and evaluated. An EEG headset measures brain activity of the person sitting at the desk where high states

of concentration trigger fluid to be pumped onto a copper surface and forming a patina. A motor moves the pump nozzle horizontally along the desk taking one week to travel from one side to the other allowing multiple streaks of patina to form. Over time, the patina becomes more personalized to the user’s experiences, resulting in a visualization of his or her body of work and shaping future interactions and behaviors.