Nate’s interests lie within the urban environment and design for the public realm. He is passionate about studying the city and pursuing a career where the urban context is of priority. Professionally, Nate has interned with DLR Group Architects in Nebraska, as well as with the City of Chicago where he gained valuable design and technical experience. Previously, Nate attended the University of Nebraska where he received his Bachelor of Science in Design with an emphasis in Architecture. While at UNL, he was President of the American Institute of Architecture Students, student group, and he sat on the Dean’s Student advisory Committee. Nate is currently receiving a Certificate in Historic Presentation.

Border Lands of Post-Industrial Chicago

“How do we speculate design within boundaries of the post-industrial city?”


The post-industrial city of Chicago is scattered and scarred with unused industrial spaces and underutilized infrastructure. How should the contemporary city react to these reminders of the past? How can we capitalize on the empty spaces of an industrial park or rethink how rail infrastructure interacts with the context it cuts through? The architectural section is utilized as the lens of study to analyze, understand, and engage the boundary within the city. Through the section, we can find characteristics and qualities of building and landscape not found in plan and utilize the section as a design direction.