Madeline Geftic is a comfort concierge. She develops intricate textiles to create soft furniture and wearables. These experimental designs explore a complex relationship between tactility and emotion.  She finds ease when surrounded by the people she loves and her goal is to design and create objects that offer that same comfort to others. Geftic studied furniture design and printmaking at the State University of New York at New Paltz. Her work has been exhibited at the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art in New York, the Sullivan Galleries in Chicago, and Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Finding Ease

Embrace, experience, encompass, envelop, engage, ease.

Both touch and social interaction are significant parts of our daily lives that have important psychological effects. By finding comfort in our everyday objects we feel more at ease.

Finding Ease will inspire an ambience of well-being and familiarity that puts users more in touch with themselves. Comprised of small and large soft objects, this project addresses  different levels (values) of “comfort,” redefining the solace we find in our objects and playing with our feelings of loneliness and anxiety. Viewers and users are invited to interact with the objects, engaging and discovering their own levels of comfort.

The objects live within the user’s personal space. They embody familiar qualities and create an intimate relationship with the user providing various levels of physical and emotional relief. The objects can be used in times of solitude as well as in more social settings, helping the user to create a sensation of ease in any context.