I can’t rest unless I act.

I am constantly trying to better understand—and if need be, reconfigure, subvert, or topple—accepted and repressive systems, ranging from the design of a street to the systemic oppression throughout society. For protection, I survive as a trickster, a shape-shifter. In my work I use deliberate, coded language, recognizable by various communities in my audience, as they experience and decipher it through whichever specific “perspective-glasses” they are wearing. For sanity, I often focus on the building blocks of my neighborhood. To date, I have changed the trajectory of a street; shoveled snow off over fifty miles of my neighbors’ sidewalks; created gathering places both complex and simple, wherein insulated Mormon leaders mingle with the disenfranchised; and written musicals roasting important artists who themselves lambast the art establishment.

Pinatas vs Cars, 2017, street intervention
Birth of Art Grrrl, 2015, performance
Try, Try Again, 2015, performance
Empathetic Overload, 2016, installation
Crossing Flag, 2014, performance