Need Items for Class?

Regularly Stocked Items

We try to keep as much inventory as we can depending on the average sales that we have per semester. If you are planning to require or recommend a particular material for your class, please give us at least 2 weeks notice (the more time the better) so that we can make sure your class is prepared. You can use the following email template to make requests for a large amount of materials: Email Template for Material Needs. (# of customers, # items, products requested, time requested for)

Course-Specific Items

If there are items that we only stock specifically for your class you must request them at least a month before the start of the semester for them to arrive in time for the start of classes.

All items that are requested for a specific course or department that are not regularly being purchased within the Fiscal Year will need to be repurchased by the department in the next fiscal year.

Requesting New Items

Faculty may request new items by filling out our New Item Request Form. We prioritize stocking items that are directly related to curriculum, difficult to transport in the loop, or directly related to the safety or operation of another item on campus.

If you request a certain number of an item for your class, please note that at the end of the semester the cost of any left over product will be billed to your department. To avoid this, be sure to only request items you know your students will be using.

Journal Transfer Requests

Please see our Catalog and Request Forms page for more information on Journal Transfers.

  Using ArtiStaff

Many faculty members across campus have access to ArtiStaff funds, which allow them to make purchases at Material Source using department funds instead of personal ArtiCash. These purchases are tax exempt and all tax will be removed at the time of the sale. If you are unsure of your department’s policies on ArtiStaff purchases, please consult your department head.

When making purchases, please specify to the student worker whether you will be using ArtiCash or ArtiStaff, as that determines how they will ring up the sale. Same as with ArtiCash, the student worker will need your physical ID card to complete the sale.

ArtiStaff is exclusively reserved for teaching materials. If a faculty member wishes to make purchases through Material Source for personal use, they must use ArtiCash and tax will be added.