My work operates within ecology and illusion. A world of images that form our idea of the natural, and our interactions with others. I collaborate with non-human-kinds and cultural institutions to reflect upon the impulses and methods used to draw others into the world-for-us.
Photography expands into performance, sculpture and installation. Viewing conditions continually change. I inhabit moments of mediation where categorical shifts occur. Sometimes I find them – white deer with amnesty among hunters. Sometimes I make them – growing food into plants. I wonder what happens to the choir when everybody mimes? What the hunter achieves when their prey doesn’t show up?

cameratrap, fawn, 2015, archival inkjet print, 41x30.8”
cameratrap, glove, archival inkjet print, 40x40"
quadrat, archival inkjet print, 40x40"
carmeratrap, buck, archival inkjet print, 25x34"
Mercury installation view, 2015, One World Rice Pilaf by Linda Tegg, the vital light by Brian M. John
Choir, 2013 HD video, 6 minutes, 1 minute shown
Cameratrap, contact, HD video, 2 minutes 58 seconds
Mercury timelapse, HD video, excerpt shown, Brian M John & Linda Tegg
Tortoise, Melbourne, 2013, HD Video, 11 minutes