April 29 - May 17
SAIC Sullivan Galleries, 33 S State St, 7th Floor

Framed within the 2017 MFA Show, (Re)Flex Space showcases artists responding to recent shifts in the political climate by generating a collaborative conversation between participants. The project strings together a series of activations throughout the duration of the MFA Show, allowing each artist to engage the material remnants of the activation that preceded them. Through the accumulation of materials from diverse artistic practices, layers of meaning generate a collective response. (Re)Flex Space holds eclectic gestures—ranging from protest and cathartic release, to introspection and sharing knowledge—as equally significant modes of addressing and processing social and political tensions afflicting the United States.

Participating artists include: Angela Azmitia, Cassandra Davis, Adela Goldbard, Mev Luna, Nuria Montiel, Molly O’Connell, Maire Witt O’Neil, Alex Peyton-Levine, Emilio Rojas, Elaine Rubenoff, Conor Stechschulte, Jacqueline Surdell, Darryl Terrell, Marcela Torres, among others.

Organized by Graduate Curatorial Fellow Jared Packard in collaboration with the 2017 MFA Show Curatorial Teams.

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