Born and raised in China, Yuxi Sarah Zhang has a background in Fashion Design and Costume Design. Through theory study and practical operation, she discovered her own designing style,  cozy, unpretentious, elegant, simple, sexy and with texture. Her philosophy is “simple while not commonplace”; “special while not intrusive”. True to her style of design, she is very particular about the color of cloth, insisting that a single and highly pure color could fit the design most easily. Her designing style serves her goal to manifest the importance of women who have dreams, ambition and capability, despite living under strong pressure. Sarah’s ambition is to make people know themselves and find themselves more.

Kept the Moment

“From my head through my heart to your eyes, see my love, feel my design.”

Just as we use plastic wrap to keep food fresh, I want to use it to keep and hold the moment. When I look at myself at home, sometimes I feel hopeful, but sometimes hopeless. Wrapping pieces of furniture which I have lived with in colourful plastic wrap helps conserve the memory of the time when I used them. To me, it is those unimportant moments and everyday emotions, which make my life real.