If a thought shimmers, I pounce. Then I examine it under a microscope. Then I examine it from a safe distance, as the moon. Then I nudge it, gently, around on the ground to see how it will react. This way of working relies on deftness in a multitude of media—whatever the piece should require, I do. I make. I both surf and usurp form in poetry, fiction, experimental and hybrid writing, sound, and visual media—including bookmaking, printmaking, screenprinting, drawing, stitch, embroidery, textiles, painting, and many others.

I believe deeply in the power of subtext, subversion, and refusal, especially as means of dismantling the arbitrary societal and biological hierarchies that place women at the bottom of humanity, and humans at the top and center of culture and history. I speak for the mushroom, the cactus, the slime mold, the dirt. (And believe them to be female.)

LETTERBOARD III, 2015, feltboard, plastic letters
LETTERBOARD IV, 2015, feltboard, plastic letters
LETTERBOARD VII, 2015, feltboard, plastic letters
SOILED, 2015, muslin, dye, embroidery floss, plastic letters
everywhere there shouldn't (viii), 2015, photograph (flowers, wire)