The works in this series are a serendipitous collaboration with SAIC’s fashion department. I say so because they are all made of discarded fibers that were picked up from the fashion department waste cans.

I call this series of fiber works “Secondhand Souvenir” on account of the material origin and the sources of their inspiration. The creation of these artworks was influenced by Chinese pop and disco music from the 1980s. My childhood memories of my parents playing those music tapes at home and dancing with their friends are filled with the feeling of those vintage songs. I transferred my understanding and feeling about that music to the representation of color and tactility in this series. For me, these works are like souvenirs from my parents’ youth.
Disco Twins -- The little girl under the street lamp & Brother Louie, 2017, Found fabric (8" x 8")
Wet Lady -- I Don't Want to Lose You (by David Lyme), 2017, Found fabric (8" x 8")
Naughty Lover --HALLELUJAH・ANYWAY (by Nakahara Meiko/中原めいこ), 2017, Found fabric (8" x 8")
Teenager --So Fine (by Johnson&Howard), 2017, Found fabric (8" x 8")
Family --I Want You Back (by Jackson 5), 2017, Found fabric (8" x 8")