Like most of SAIC’s campus, the Advanced Output Center will be undergoing major changes to our operations in order to create a safe environment for people using the lab and our staff. These changes can be found here.


Equipment Checkouts:

  • Reservations Required
    • To promote social distancing at SAIC, the Advanced Output Center will require anyone coming to the AOC to check out resources to have made a reservation on our Patron Portal ahead of time. To assist in ensuring pickups go as quickly as possible, all reservations will be assembled by AOC staff and assigned to a locker outside of the AOC (1232 Sullivan), with a combination lock set to the combination you request when you make the reservation. Check your SAIC gmail in the 30 minutes before arriving to the AOC to check which locker you have been assigned. If you do not see the email, check your SPAM folder. Once you pick up the resource, simply place the combination lock inside the locker and you are good to go.
    • In an effort to reduce traffic on campus, please schedule your pick up and return times around times you already plan to be on campus. To help make this possible, the check out length of many items has been extended.
    • Reservations will need to be made a minimum of 24 hours prior to your pickup time. In order to limit traffic and to ensure your resources are ready for pickup, we ask that you arrive as close to your scheduled pickup time as possible.
    • Please do not crowd the lockers outside of the AOC, we ask that if someone is already retrieving an item from a locker that you give the person at least 6 feet of space and wait until they have completely finished with their locker before you retrieve the item from your locker.
  • Equipment Returns
    • To limit contact for equipment returns, we have moved the equipment dropoff box outside the AOC. At this time we ask all returns be placed in this box. The only equipment that should be returned directly to AOC staff inside the room are 3D Scanners. If there are patrons waiting in the AOC when you attempt to return, please wait in the hallway to prevent crowding.
    • You will not accrue any fines for equipment left in the drop box unless it is over a full day late, so there is no need to alert AOC staff when an item is returned. The drop box will be checked on an hourly basis.


Laser Cutting:

  • Reservation Required
    • Laser Cutters will now also be Reservation only. These reservations will be made through the Acuity system. Once you have made the reservation in acuity, show up as close to that time as possible and check in with the staff in the front room, who will check out safety glasses for you and tell you which machine you are on.
    • At this time AOC staff will not be able to stand next to patrons and assist them with their illustrator files or problems that occur. If an issue is encountered AOC staff may require you to step 6 feet away from the computer to allow them to fix the problem or log into Zoom for screen control. We ask for your patience with this process.
      • If your equipment is marked late but no staff were on site on that given day, fees will be struck.


3D Printing:

  • Papercut Job Submission
  • Staff Run Ultimakers
    • The Ultimakers in the AOC will be staff run devices for the Spring 2021 semester to limit the amount of people in the lab at any time. Ultimakers can still be accessed through the Papercut print system.
    • At this time users will no longer need to provide their own filament. The AOC will provide filament at a comparable cost to last semester, but instead of buying a whole spool, patrons will only be charged for what they use, by weight. Like all AOC 3D printers, you will be informed of the price of your job before printing and you will need to transfer funds from your Papercut account to the AOC before printing will begin.
  • 3D Print Pick Up
    • Pick ups will also need to be scheduled ahead of time to limit traffic in the AOC. When your job is complete the AOC will notify you via Papercut and Email. You will need to respond to this in Papercut, where you will decide the final details of your pick up. Please arrive as close to your pick up time as possible. Similarly to equipment checkouts, 3D Prints will be stored in the lockers outside the room. Check your email within 30 minutes of pickup time for your locker assignment.


3D Scanners:

  • Reservation Required
    • Like the laser cutters, 3D Scanners are still free to use (as long as you have the certification) but reservations will be made through Acuity now and can no longer be made over the phone or in person. There will be no walk-ins on these, or any, devices this semester.


PC Computer Lab:

  • Reservation Required
    • The Computer Lab at the AOC will be operating in limited capacity this semester and will also require a reservation in Acuity to use. Please sign up for any time you would like to use the computers, and please be courteous by not running any renders after your allotted time has ended.
    • You can also book some of the computer lab equipment, such as the large format and flat bed scanners, through Acuity as well. All devices in this room do require a reservation.


Staff Consultations:

  • Online only by appointment through Acuity.
    • Since patrons will no longer be able to stop in the lab to ask our staff questions about any of our services, the AOC will be offering digital staff consultations. These sessions will be conducted via Zoom and can be signed up for through Acuity. Consultations can be used for questions about any of our equipment or just general advice on how to execute a project.



  • Online only
    • The AOC will no longer be doing Tours or demos during this time, either drop-in or scheduled. This semester we have moved to a digital self guided tour that can be found here:
    • Individuals or classes can use this resource at their leisure to view the AOC facilities, so no appointment or reservation is needed, simply go to the tour page and begin browsing.



  • No Weekend Access
    • Due to limited staff availability at this time, the AOC will not be open for weekend access.
  • Potential for Inconsistent Hours
    • Hours may also change at relatively short notice due to illness or safety concerns, which may cause certain equipment to be unavailable that day. We will notify all effected patrons if this occurs.
    • Staff will only be on site if there are appointments for the day
    • Staff may leave early if there are no remaining appointments for the day
  • Midday Closure
    • In order to give our staff enough time to properly maintain the equipment and take a lunch break, the AOC will close from 12pm to 1pm everyday. There will be no reservations available in the lab during this time.