Laser Cutting at The Advanced Output Center

The laser cutters at the AOC are available to currently enrolled students, faculty and staff at SAIC. All users must attend an certification prior to using the laser cutters. [more]

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Guides For Download

Laser Cutting Guide (PDF)

Trotec Rotary Guide (PDF)

Trotec Vision Guide (PDF)


Materials Request Form (PDF) – This is a request to approve new materials for use in the shops and/or classrooms.


 Illustrator File Template – AI files with correct Artboard sizes for use with Trotec cutter.

View Approved Materials and Recommended Settings – This document consists of recommended settings for all the approved materials for laser cutting on the Trotec laser cutter.



LocationAOC, 1232 Sullivan
AccessSelf-serve, open to currently enrolled students, active faculty and staff;
Users must be certified prior to use;
See Access section for details.
Laser Specs120 Watt C02 laser
Max Sheet Size39"x24"
Max depth ranges from 3/8" to 1/2" depending on material.
File TypesIllustrator (.ai) vector files, AutoCAD (.dwg)
MaterialNon-reflective, non-toxic flat sheet material. See Approved Materials List for details.
Applicable Fines$50 minimum fine for irresponsible cutting, damage, etc. See Fines section for details.
Pricing & FeesFree



Raster Engraving Estimations

These are rough estimations for raster engraving on the Trotec using 100% speed. If you go at a slower speed, times will increase. All times are in (minutes):(seconds). The DPI is changed on the print dialog just before sending the file to JobControl.

Engraving Size

DPI Selected

125 DPI250 DPI333 DPI500 DPI600 DPI1000 DPI




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Starting Fall 2020 as part of our Make Ready plan, the AOC is moving to online only reservations for laser cutting, 3D scanning, computer lab use, 2D scanner use, and staff consultations. You cannot enter the AOC without an appointment so you must use Acuity for making appointments.

To use Acuity, use the embedded page below and select the resource you wish to use. Note, some resources have longer lead times than others. After making the appointment, you’ll get an email with information about your reservation.

When it comes time to use your reservation, please wait as close to the start time as possible to prevent crowding of the AOC. If you appointment is at 1pm, consider entering the AOC at 12:58pm. When you enter, talk to the lab monitor in the front lab, show your ID, and state why you are there. Staff will direct you to the resource you have reserved. Be aware that start and stop times are strictly enforced. If your reservation ends at 1:30, you must be wrapped up and ready to leave exactly on time so the next user can start on time.

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