AOC 3D Print Policy:

Our 3D print processing software will automatically scan your part for low-level flaws. It is AOC policy that files that are found to have errors using this scan (eg. missing facets, reversed normals, etc) will not be printed. If you opt to print a part with errors against our warning, we will not reprint the file due to printing mistakes, and you will be responsible for paying the full price, even if the part is defective when completed.

Prints that have sections in the original model that are too thin and are printed are not eligible for a reprint. All parts should have a thickness analysis run before printing to ensure proper thicknesses of at least 1mm.

Parts that have major problems not spotted by the AOC in the original file, such as a major break in the part due to machine or technician error (eg. defects caused by 3D printer misalignment, base warpage, or failure of parts to adhere to the base), or any problem that cannot be easily fixed manually with post processing, are subject to reprint at patron’s request or a 50% discount on the damaged part.

All reprint or discount requests must be presented when the part is being picked up. Under no circumstances will a reprint or discount request be granted after the part is paid for and taken out of the AOC.

The Advanced Output Center is committed to the prevention of any potential unlawful or dangerous conduct to the best of our ability. As such, the AOC maintains a very strict policy that it will never knowingly print a firearm, explosive device, or dangerous weapon – either in parts or in full. The AOC reserves the right to review and/or refuse any potential project that may conflict with this policy at the discretion of AOC staff. All AOC patrons must agree to 3d print policies before any parts will be printed.


AOC 3D Print Reprint Policy

Occasionally there are problems with 3D models, prints, or other services that the AOC offers. We do our best to avoid these problems, and if we spot them before they are picked up, we reprint them before giving them to the customer*. In the event that we accidentally produce a print that has a machine- or technician-created flaw, we will either reprint your file for free (keeping the misprint), or allow you to keep the misprint at a 50% discount.

These are the most common scenarios and how we handle them:

Problem: File submitted by customer has a problem (e.g. spelling mistake, low resolution, bad color, wrong size, etc).
AOC Resolution: We are not responsible for problems with your files. If we do not spot the problem before printing it, you are still still responsible for the full cost of the print. If we spot a problem before printing it, we will call or email you before printing to check if it’s okay.

Problem: Customer picks up print and finds there’s a defect that was not in their file, caused by a technician or printer error.
AOC Resolution: We will check your submitted file and the output in question to the best of our ability. This is not a guarantee that we will catch your mistakes or technical problems, but we do our best to avoid them. We will take responsibility for any defects we cause in your output, whether they be technician error or equipment failure. There are three options in these cases where the AOC is at fault:

  1. If you DO NOT WANT the defective print (“misprint”), we will replace it as quickly as we are able to and you will pay the full price for the non-defective replacement.
  2. If you want to KEEP the defective print and do not want a replacement non-defective print, you can purchase it at half-price.
  3. If you want to KEEP the defective print and also want a replacement print, you will pay half-price for the defective print, and full price for the non-defective print.


  • Not paying is not an option if a print has been produced. If you do not pay, we will put your SAIC account on hold until the debt is taken care of.
  • Refunds are not an option except where a reprint is not possible.
  • A reprint can ONLY be from the original submitted file. You cannot revise your file for the reprint.
  • Keeping the defective print for free is not an option. If you want to keep the defective print, the cost is 50% of the original cost. It is our policy to destroy any defective output that is not purchased to protect your privacy.
  • You must bring defects to our attention before leaving the AOC. We will only RARELY accept claims of defective prints if they have left our area. And even then, they MUST BE BROUGHT BACK TO US for evaluation, even if you want to keep them. CHECK ALL PRINTS BEFORE LEAVING! If a defect is discovered later that is undoubtedly caused by a printer error that couldn’t have been spotted at the time of pickup, you must still bring it back in order for the reprint policy to take effect. If not, we assume that you want to keep it, and therefore will pay full price. Being in a rush is not an excuse.
  • Transportation or handling damage of any kind is not our responsibility once it has left the AOC.
  • If you tell us you discovered an issue with your output more than 3 days after picking it up, we will not consider a reprint or any kind of credit. We will assume that the output was good enough to use for whatever primary purpose you intended it for. Even a few days will make it difficult for us to believe your story. CHECK ALL PRINTS BEFORE LEAVING!

* – In rare cases where the print is very large or expensive, if we produce a defective print and notice the defect before you come to pick it up, we will call to ask if you want to buy only the defective print for half-price and waive your option for a reprint. We do this to avoid wasting time and materials – some customers are more than happy to pay half-price for a slightly defective print, depending how it will be used and the nature of the defect.

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