Friday February 25, 2022
We’re proud to announce that we’ve decided to add 8 color mixes into our materials selection for Formlabs 3D prints. We’ve previously offered colors for job submissions but had minimum order sizes before mixing up batches. This likely led to a lot of second guessing on 3D print orders. We’ve added 8 into the permanent … Continued
Thursday June 3, 2021
Written by: Lou Najjar-Rulin   3D printing is a great option when you need parts with very specific measurements, lots of detail, or pieces for a variety of applications, but 3D printing is limited to the specific materials meant for each machine we have on campus, so you may find yourself needing to prepare your … Continued
Wednesday June 2, 2021
Written by: Jack Wilson If you ever find yourself wanting to make a 3D scan of an object but lacking any of the equipment necessary to do so, don’t fret. With a photogrammetry program and a lot of patience, anyone can transform a normal collection of photos of an object into a 3D model ready … Continued
Thursday February 25, 2021
Learn how to make puzzles using the Trotec's Vision camera.
Wednesday February 10, 2021
With the help of the rotary attachment, the laser cutters can also be used to engrave onto the sides of cylindrical shapes like cups, dowels, or wheels.
Tuesday January 12, 2021
A quick overview of the properties and uses of each F370 material type.
Tuesday January 12, 2021
An overview of the strengths and characteristics of different Formlabs resins.
Friday December 11, 2020
If there’s anything I love most about laser cutting, it’s the ability to completely transform a material through the application of a few well-selected processes. One of the best examples of this is the lattice or living hinge.
Wednesday November 4, 2020
The TrotecSpeedy 500 laser cutter can help create accurate cuts for making physical objects from existing digital 3D models. Here are some tips on how to prepare for your cut to make the most out of using the laser cutter.
Monday March 2, 2020
Draft resin is one of the resin choices available for the Formlabs 3D printers at the AOC. Learn more about this resin choice and why you would want to consider using it for your project.