General Lab FinesAmount
Eating or drinking (non-bottled drinks)1st: Warning
2nd: $15
Cutting, spraying, or gluing directly on any table/surface1st: Warning
2nd: $20
Late Return of item$5/day
Loss of itemCost of replacement


3D Scanner Fines
Late Return$50/day
Loss or damageCost of repair or replacement


3D Printer Fines
Late Return of Ultimaker Key$20
Loss of or damage to build platform$50
Loss of or damage to extruder head$190
Damage to machineCost of repair or replacement


Laser Cutting Infractions
Usage Infractions:
Missing a reservation
Cutting into somebody else's time slot
Failure to check in/out
Overbooking by an hour or more
Cancel within an hour of start time
Improper activity while cutting
Cell phone use
Laptop or computer use
Walking away from machine while operating
Cutting without checking in
Failure to clean machine after cutting
Failure to vent materail for 15 seconds after cut has finished
1st: Warning
2nd: $15
3rd: $50
Unsafe laser practices
Cutting on-approved or hazardous materials
Improper laser settings
Improper lens focus
1st: Warning
2nd: $25
3rd: $50
Producing fire or excessive smoke that requires staff intervention1st: $25
2nd: $50
3rd: $100
Damage to machineCost of repair / replacement


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