Minimum Wall Thickness: 1mm
Building free standing or even supported walls on FDM printers is often limited by the size of the tool path. With the F370 walls cannot be thinner than 1mm in order to be both stable and accurate. In certain cases even 1mm will be too thin, and AOC staff may contact you about adjusting your model.
Minimum Vertical-Wire Dimensions: 2mm diameter, 25mm height.
A wire is a feature whose length is greater than two times its width. The ratio is key to printing wires, but here we have listed the thinnest possible wire and how tall you can make it. A thicker wire would be able to go taller and AOC staff will contact you if we are worried about the thickness or height of any feature.

The F370 also is able to produce Surround Support, which adds more stability to parts like this to allow you to print thinner or taller. It is important to note, though, that these features will be extremely delicate and prone to breaking after printing and using Surround Support will cost more money.
Minimum Embossed Detail: 1mm
Embossed details are shallow raised features on your model, such as text. Details smaller than 1mm in thickness and in height may not be accurate due to the expansion of the filament during printing.
Minimum Engraved Detail: 1mm
Engraved details are imprinted or recessed features on your model. Details recessed less than 1mm in thickness and in height may not be accurate due to the expansion of the filament.
Minimum Clearance: 1mm
Clearance is the amount of distance needed between two parts of a model. These can be very similar to an engrave or could be parallel but separated features.
Minimum Hole Diameter: 2.5mm
Due to expansion of filament holes with a diameter less than 2.5mm on any axis may close off during printing and will not be an accurate size.