We’re proud to announce that we’ve decided to add 8 color mixes into our materials selection for Formlabs 3D prints. We’ve previously offered colors for job submissions but had minimum order sizes before mixing up batches. This likely led to a lot of second guessing on 3D print orders. We’ve added 8 into the permanent selection choices with the other 8 options being a special order option.

Formlabs colors!



So what’s available?

The AOC will now offer the following colors without an order minimum:

  • Cherry (Red)
  • Apricot (Orange)
  • Azure (Blue)
  • Grape (Purple)
  • Grass (Green)
  • Yellow (Yellow….but you knew that one)
  • Sand (Light brown / flesh tone)
  • Coffee (Brown or reddish brown)

While cyan is featured in the image above, it is not a permanent color and is only available with a limited quantity remaining.


What about the other Formlabs colors? We’ll still mix them up on demand with a 50mL minimum on orders (or about $25). There is still the option for custom colors as well. If you visit the Formlabs color page here you can find a HEX code to supply us with. Custom colors will have a minimum of 150mL before we’ll mix them up.


One important note with color mixing; while we do our best measuring the pigment before dying the resin base, sometimes the colors will come out looking a bit different than previous batches. See the images below for examples.

In this example with coffee color, the second batch on the right had a slightly redder hue than the original color used to print Groot on the right.

The same goes with this sand batch. Two different shades were obtained between mixes.


This ultimately means, if you pick a color to print this month and choose the same color again in a few months from now, the color batch may look slightly different.


We hope you’re as excited about the new colors as we are and we’re looking forward to see what you can create!