Laser and inkjet printers are available in the 280 BuildingMacLean Center, Lakeview Building, Sharp BuildingSullivan Center, Residence Halls, and 33 E Washington Grad Studios. These locations may have permanent desktop workstations and/or network ports to connect your laptop via ethernet.

Black & White and Color Multifunction Printers (Copiers)

The following locations are publicly available and support copying, scan-to-pdf, and printing from laptops, public computers, web print, and IOS and Android devices.

Print Services utilizes follow-me-printing for all b&w and color laser printers on campus to simplify the print submission process. Jobs printed to a BW Laser print queue will show up at any black and white laser device on campus and jobs printed to Color Laser queues will show up at any color laser devices.

*Please NOTE: Only letter (8.5×11) and tabloid (11×17) page sizes are supported at the following devices (some departmental pay-for-print devices have legal (8.5×14) paper loaded). If you send a print job at any other size it will not show up at the device for release.

BuildingFloorAreaPrint QueuePaper Type
162 Building161611A LabSAIC BW LaserBond
33 E Washington (Temporary Unavailable)LL3LL3-C5 HallwaySAIC BW LaserBond
7 W Res Hall151501 LabSAIC BW LaserBond
280 Building1114 LabSAIC Color LaserPremium Bond
280 Building1114 LabSAIC BW LaserBond
Lakeview202-C2SAIC BW LaserBond
Lakeview141436 HallwaySAIC BW LaserBond
MacLean Center5516SAIC BW LaserBond
MacLean Center909-C3 HallwaySAIC BW LaserBond
MacLean Center909-C3 HallwaySAIC Color LaserPremium Bond
Sharp Building2247SAIC BW LaserBond
Sharp Building505-C3 HallwaySAIC BW LaserBond
Sharp Building505-C3 HallwaySAIC Color LaserPremium Bond
Sharp Building6Flaxman LibrarySAIC Color LaserPremium Bond
Sharp Building6Flaxman LibrarySAIC Color LaserPremium Bond
Sharp Building8814SAIC BW LaserBond
Sharp Building8814SAIC Color LaserPremium Bond
Sharp Building909-C3 HallwaySAIC BW LaserBond
Sharp Building1111-C4 HallwaySAIC BW LaserBond
Sharp Building1111-C4 HallwaySAIC Color LaserPremium Bond
Sullivan Center707-715 LoungeSAIC Color LaserPremium Bond
Sullivan Center707-715 LoungeSAIC BW LaserBond
Sullivan Center707-C10 HallwaySAIC BW LaserBond
Sullivan Center1212-C19 HallwaySAIC BW LaserBond
Sullivan Center121225 LoungeSAIC Color LaserPremium Bond
Sullivan Center1414-C2 HallwaySAIC BW LaserBond

Black & White Laser Pricing

BW Laser Printers are loaded with 20 lb Bond

SizeSingle-Sided Double-Sided


Color Laser Pricing

Color Laser Printers are loaded with Hammermill Color Copy Digital 28 lb bond

SizeSingle-Sided Double-Sided
Letter (B&W on Color Copier)$0.15/page$0.20/page
Tabloid (B&W on Color Copier)$0.30/page$0.50/page
Legal (B&W on Color Copier)$0.23/page$0.46/page

Wide-format Printers

There are a variety of wide-format printers located throughout campus. Public access computers in labs and classrooms will have all the print drivers installed for B&W and Color Laser printer queues, as well as any wide-format printers within the building. If printing from your laptop, after installing the appropriated print drivers you will need to add the printers manually. More information can be found on our Printing From a Laptop page.

Wide-format Locations and Pricing

BuildingFloorAreaPrint QueuePaper TypePricing
33 E WashingtonLL3LL3-C5 Hallway33e-ll3_24in_satin24in Satin$3.20/foot
280 Building1114 Lab280-114_17in_satin17in Satin$2.27/foot
280 Building2204 Lab280-204_17in_cansonbaryta17in Baryta$4.96/foot
280 Building2204 Lab280-204_17in_glossy17in Glossy$2.27/foot
280 Building2204 Lab280-204_17in_photorag17in Photorag$4.04/foot
280 Building2204 Lab280-204_17in_satin117in Satin$2.27/foot
280 Building2204 Lab280-204e_17in_satin117in Satin$2.27/foot
280 Building2204 Lab280-204e_17in_satin217in Satin$2.27/foot
280 Building2204 Lab280-204_24in_photorag24in Photorag$5.70/foot
280 Building2204 Lab280-204_24in_satin24in Satin$3.20/foot
280 Building2222 Lab280-222c_pw36036in Trans Bond$1.50/foot - BW
MacLean Center909-C3 HallwayMc9hall_17in_satin17in Satin$2.27/foot
MacLean Center909-C3 HallwayMc9hall_24in_satin24in Satin$3.20/foot
MacLean Center909-C3 HallwayMc9hall_42in_bond42in Bond$4.20/foot
Sharp Building2247Sh247_17in_satin117in Satin$2.27/foot
Sharp Building2247Sh247_17in_satin217in Satin$2.27/foot
Sharp Building33C-9 HallwaySh3c9_42in_bond42in Bond$4.20/foot
Sharp Building909-C3 HallwaySh9c3_pw30036in Trans Bond$1.50/foot - BW
Sharp Building10HallwaySh10hall_24in_matte24in Matte$6.00/foot
Sharp Building1111-C4 HallwaySh11hall_17in_matte17in Matte$4.25/foot
Sharp Building1111-C4 HallwaySh11hall_44in_satin44in Satin$5.87/foot
Sullivan Center121250Su1250_42in_CW3800_North/South42in Bond$4.20/foot - Color
$1.75/foot - BW