Please see below to determine if your print job is eligible for a reprint/refund before requesting a refund.

Eligible for a refund:

  • The job did not print after you swiped your ARTICard at the pay station.
  • The printer ran out of ink, toner or paper before your job completed.
  • There are defects in your print caused by the printer.
  • The printer had a paper jam or other malfunction.

Not eligible for a refund:

  • You tried to print a page size that was A3/A4 or a custom size not designated by our printer drivers.
  • You sent your job to the wrong printer.
  • You sent the wrong number of copies to the printer.
  • The job output at a scale or size not anticipated due to improper print dialogue settings.
  • The color range or density of your print does not match what was on your monitor, or is otherwise different from what you expected.

If you have an issue that is not listed above, please submit a refund request and we will address it on a case-by-case basis. If you have any questions about the self-service refund process, please contact us at

Submitting a Request in PaperCut

Users can request refunds via a simple form and track their status. To submit a request:

  1. Log into the PaperCut customer portal using your SAIC network username and password
  2. Navigate to the Recent Print Jobs and find the job you would like to submit for a refund
  3. Click the Request Refund link, enter the refund amount and reason for the request
  4. Once finished click Send

You can track the status of your refund request in the Recent Print Jobs page and details are available if you hover over the status text.


Please note: All requests are subject to approval, and you must submit your request within 24 hours of experiencing a problem. If your request is approved, we will issue the funds back to the original account from which they were charged from within PaperCut. Please note that refunded print jobs paid with ARTICash will be refunded to your PrintCredit account. For more information about account management within PaperCut please visit our Payment Options page.

For both the most successful user experience, and optimum output quality, please visit our Printing Best Practice page.