Jessie Liao is a fashion designer with a strong sense of beauty and art. She is Taiwanese, but currently based in Chicago. Jessie holds a Bachelor of Science in Fashion and Textile from Fu Jen Catholic University. Her design philosophy is a bridge that connects her feelings and imagination to reality, gives soul to her works, and makes meaning in eye-catching design for the public. She is not only interested in structural silhouettes, but also in making her designs more extraordinary through innovative textures of fabric and materials. Jessie’s unique experiences across the USA and Asia enable her to bring together a global vision and in-depth understanding of different cultures.

“Felt” My Life

“Fit in myself to the new environment and society, not only from outside, but also innermost of my mind.”

My desire to be a strong successful person within my society drives me to challenge myself every day. Since living through much impact and many cultural differences, my mind has been changed and distorted. The way I interweave and felt myself between the different perspectives, is similar to how I deal with different situations and the difficulties in my life. Felting technique resembles the way I personally maneuver between differences. The moment when the texture is shrinking and distorting the surface of clothing, is as  the moment when I am struggling with the outside, and from within my own mind. I like it but I don’t like it. I accept it but I don’t accept it. Therefore, it’s not necessary to be; however, I prefer to follow the innermost of subconscious than to be true to myself.