Produced by the Service Bureau at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, The FOLD is an editioned print series drawing from the wealth of Students, Faculty, Staff and Alumni within the SAIC community. The FOLD is an opportunity for these artists to experiment with print technology as well as showcase the digital output options SAIC’s Service Bureau has to offer.


Our inaugural artist of 2016 was Andrew Holmquist. Andrew received both his BFA and MFA in Painting and Drawing from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2008 and 2015 respectively. He is represented by Carrie Secrist Gallery in Chicago.




The 5″x 5″ folded Risograph piece was printed on French Paper Company’s Construction Pure White.


Our second FOLD artist is Yewon Kwon. Yewon is currently a junior at SAIC studying Printmedia, Sculpture and Narrative Works. She is a Production Assistant in the Service Bureau and works in the traditional Print Studio, is a member of the comix collective XEROXCANDYBAR, and edits and curates the publication series PALLOR PINK. She also runs an Instagram of dog paraphernalia.

The 5″x 5″ folded Risograph piece was printed on French Paper Company’s Construction Insulation Pink.

Sonja Thomsen

Sonja Thomsen is a Milwaukee-based artist whose multifaceted practice combines photography, sculpture, interactive installation and site-specific public art to create spaces reflective of our own perceptions. She is a member of the international photography collective Piece of Cake – POC and co-director of The Pitch Project. Sonja is currently a Lecturer in the Photography Department at SAIC.


Robert Rusch

Robert is an SAIC Alum whose practice is a multidisciplinary process with a focus in printmedia, sculpture, and bookmaking. See more of his work at

Melissa Leandro

Melissa Leandro is an artist who works between the media of drawing, painting, and textiles. Melissa’s woven and embroidered surfaces explore her composite cultural identity through means of intuitive mark-making. Reflecting on her past and present travels, she considers the impact of these environments on the fragmentation of identity and place. She holds a BFA and MFA from SAIC and is currently teaching at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago as Lecturer and is the Assistant Director title of the Fiber Material Studies department. See more of her work at