1″ Buttons

Currently, the Service Bureau is not offering Bureau Assembled buttons due to the overwhelming volume of orders.

All button orders are considered Customer Assembled.

Buttons cost $0.10 per button with no limit to your order.


• Download our InDesign Template for buttons. Add your artwork. Follow the instructions included with the template for exporting to PDF.

• Submit via our Digital Storefront under the Buttons product.

• We print your artwork and package up the materials needed to make those buttons.

• Your order is marked complete and placed it in our cabinet for pick up.

•  Visit our website and schedule a time to use our button maker. There are 1, 2 or 3 hrs time slot.

• Arrive at Sharp 1111 at the time of your appt. with your artwork + materials.

We will provide a quick in-person tutorial when you arrive and make sure you are all set to make buttons!

If you are a Student Group or Department that is interested in making buttons while on site in your area or at an event on campus we can reserve one of our machines for you to “rent” for a set period of time.

Please email us with questions about reservations and how this would work for you. servicebureau@saic.edu

The Service Bureau can make 1” buttons.  Each button costs: $0.10 with no limit to your order.

The template for 35 – 1″ buttons can be found by clicking the link below.  

A video of just how easy the process is can be found here on our Help Center. 

35 1″ Buttons  / Click here for the template download. 

Helpful hints about our templates:

  • Pay attention to the layers that need to be turned off when exporting your PDF.
  • There is a blue safety line that indicates the area we recommend keeping important artwork.


  • Remember that because the buttons are small (1”), any text that you include on the edges may be difficult to read and/or folded over once the button is made.
  • By default, the Service Bureau prints all button orders on text weight paper. You will have only text weight paper available in the Digital Storefront when you order.

Please feel free to reach out with questions.

Sample of our buttons can often be found outside on our sample wall.



Our EZ LOad laminator uses a process called Glossy Encapsulated Lamination.

Encapsulation is very similar in look and feel to lamination except the finished result has the telltale extra margin of heat-sealed plastic extending beyond the edge of the paper.

It has a gloss finish and the process gives the printed item a significant extra thickness.

All jobs are done on a continuous roll. Your job will be rough cut, it will be in separate sheets but the lamination border might be uneven.  All fine cutting will be done by the customer. We don’t recommend cutting into the lamination because, depending on the paper type (thicker papers), it can cause the top layer to peel off. But it does work on some medias, we recommend to test it out before doing a large batch. We also offer corner rounders for check out if you want to round the edges.

For large orders over 20 sheets your job will be provided in rolls and will need to be cut down individually by the customer.

$1.00 –  8.5″ x 11 area
$2.00 – 11″ x 17  area

*Width must be 11″ or less

*Lamination is an irreversible process. It is recommended to make copies of irreplaceable files before having them laminated.

Not recommended for fine art photography.


How to Submit:

  •  If you already have the items printed you can drop them off in our pick up cabinet (across from the elevators on the 11th fl of the Sharp building), labeled with your name. Please email us when they are in the cabinet. The turnaround time is usually a few hours but during busy times it can take up to 24 hours.
  • If you want us to print and them laminate you will submit your order under the Laser Printing>Quick Prints option on the Digital Storefront and then select the Lamination option from the left side. You can upload multiple files at once or submit one file with many pages in it (must be for same paper size and type). Please note that the Laser printers don’t print to the edge of the paper. If you want your print to be borderless you will need to send your file with crop marks and bleed, and then select the Cut to Crops option when ordering (must have more than 10 sheets of paper being cut to the same size).





Grommets are great for hanging inkjet prints or binding a few sheets together. They are silver and 3/8″ in diameter. The Service Bureau will provide the grommets, and the press for customer use. Self-assembly must be done on the 11th floor, by checking out the grommet press. Per Grommet:1-20  /  $0.25

21-100   /    $0.20
101-500   /   $0.15



Multi-page documents can be stapled in any of the four corners of the document or double-stapled on any of the edges of the document. The Service Bureau is capable of stapling up to 100 pages.

By Machine /  $0.01 per staple
By Hand  /  $0.05 per staple



The Service Bureau can fold individual sheets, up to 12″ x 18″, into a tri-fold, z-fold, or half-fold.

By Machine /  $0.01 per sheet


Hole Punching

Three-hole punching is available for printed documents or hard-copy originals*.

When using the laser printing service you can specify to have your documents three-hole punched. Not available for all document orientations and sizes.

We also check out manual three-hole punches for short term customer use.

By Machine /  $0.01 per sheet


*Three-hole punching is an irreversible process. It is recommended to make copies of irreplaceable files before having them hole-punched.


Bulk Cutting

The Service Bureau will bulk cut* a minimum of 25 pages. Pricing is based on quantities of approximately 100 pages in a stack. You must have clear crop marks or mark clearly where the cuts will be made.

By Machine /  $1.00 per 100 pages OR 5 Saddle stitch books (cut on three sides)

*Bulk cutting is an irreversible process. It is recommended to make copies of irreplaceable files before having them cut.