Our laminator uses a process called Glossy Encapsulated Lamination.

Encapsulation is very similar in look and feel to lamination except the finished result has the telltale extra margin of heat-sealed plastic extending beyond the edge of the paper. It has a gloss finish and the process gives the printed item a significant extra thickness.

*With our process you can cut to the edge of the media and it will stay sealed.

We no longer offer sheet lamination. All jobs are done on a continuous roll. You job will be rough cut meaning it will be in separate sheets.  All fine cutting will be done by the customer. For large orders over 20 sheets your job will be provided in rolls and will need to be cut down individually by the customer.

$1.00 –  8.5″ x 11 area
$2.00 – 11″ x 17  area

*Width must be 11″ or less

*Lamination is an irreversible process. It is recommended to make copies of irreplaceable files before having them laminated.

Not recommended for fine art photography.


Buttons and Magnets

The Service Bureau can print and assemble 1″ round buttons or magnets. Download our templates and place graphics and text as directed. Pricing includes color printing, using our templates. The button making service and pricing is well-suited to small runs, from 1-100, you may want to consider off-campus resources if you are interested in a larger quantity. Turnaround time for printing is 24 hours, turnaround time for assembly of up to 35 buttons is another 24 hours. If you want it done faster, feel free to print the design yourself at our self-serve printers around the school.

Bureau Assembled (up to 70)  – Per Button   /   $0.30
User Assembled  (any amount)  – Per Button   /   $0.25Bureau Assembled (up to 70)  – Per Magnet   /   $0.30
User Assembled  (any amount)  – Per Magnet   /   $0.25

Turnaround: 48 hours



Grommets are great for hanging inkjet prints or binding a few sheets together. They are silver and 3/8″ in diameter. The Service Bureau will provide the grommets, and the press for customer use. Self-assembly must be done on the 11th floor, by checking out the grommet press. Per Grommet:1-20  /  $0.25

21-100   /    $0.20
101-500   /   $0.15



Multi-page documents can be stapled in any of the four corners of the document or double-stapled on any of the edges of the document. The Service Bureau is capable of stapling up to 100 pages.

By Machine /  $0.01 per staple
By Hand  /  $0.05 per staple



The Service Bureau can fold individual sheets, up to 12″ x 18″, into a tri-fold, z-fold, or half-fold.

By Machine /  $0.01 per sheet


Hole Punching

Three-hole punching is available for printed documents or hard-copy originals*.

When using the laser printing service you can specify to have your documents three-hole punched. Not available for all document orientations and sizes.

We also check out manual three-hole punches for short term customer use.

By Machine /  $0.01 per sheet


*Three-hole punching is an irreversible process. It is recommended to make copies of irreplaceable files before having them hole-punched.


Bulk Cutting

The Service Bureau will bulk cut* a minimum of 25 pages. Pricing is based on quantities of approximately 100 pages in a stack. You must have clear crop marks or mark clearly where the cuts will be made.

By Machine /  $1.00 per 100 pages OR 5 Saddle stitch books (cut on three sides)

*Bulk cutting is an irreversible process. It is recommended to make copies of irreplaceable files before having them cut.



The Service Bureau collates multi-page, multi-copy documents by default. If you would like the pages uncollated, please specify that on the order form. Documents that have multiple components (i.e. both color and black and white pages) may require hand collation.

By Machine / Free
By Hand  / $0.10 per packet