The Service Bureau works with Campus Life to coordinate printing and payment for each Student Group on campus.

If you have specific questions about your funding as a group or are interested in how to start a Student Group please contact Interim Assistant Director of Campus Life Betsy O’Brien. (

Who can use the Student Group funding?

Once you have registered as a Student Group you will be taken through an orientation process that will provide details on how your group will function. You will be asked to chose a few of your members to act as leaders for your group as well.

As a registered Student Group you are allotted a set amount of funding to have the opportunity to print and order products through Service Bureau. Any questions about the funding should be directed to Interim Assistant Director of Campus Life betsy O’Brien.

You can find a full listing of the registered SAIC student groups and learn more about them by visiting Engage SAIC.

Who can submit orders on behalf of our Student Group?

In order to track the funding of your group we require that only those listed as Leaders be the persons who are submitting orders on behalf of your group.

We have a database includes the authorized leaders and will use it to reference and track the remaining balance of your funds after your orders are submitted and paid for.

Want someone else to pick it up? Read below!

How do I let you know my order is for a Student Group?

During the order process at the bottom of the window will be a section for Funding and Special Instructions.



Clicking on the Funding Option drop down you will see an option for Student Group. Choose that and then just below that will be a section for Special Instructions.

In that area you will let us know which Student Group you belong.



 Who can pick up orders once they are printed?

Anyone from your group can pick up your order once it has been charged to the correct account.

When your order is complete and paid for the Leader who submitted the order will receive an email with a link to schedule a pick up.

They can forward this email to whomever is going to be picking up your order – who can pick a day and time to come to campus that is convenient for them.  They will need to know the order number when scheduling the pick up. Once they schedule they will receive the code and instructions to the Lock Box.

If you are not familiar with our new Pick Up and Payment procedure please read this page and read about our newPick Up Cabinet info