Many students, faculty and staff have multiple types of funds attached to their card if they teach, work in a department on campus or have been given funding from a specific class.


Let’s go over a few of the options below.


Payment for printing at the Service Bureau is completed using the ARTICard payment system. Typically, we would use the identification card for SAIC students, faculty, and staff or via a card on file here at the Service Bureau if your department or area has made a card with linked funds via the ArtiCard office.

This semester we will be charging cards/accounts remotely and you will select what funds you would like us to use during the submission process.


If you are a faculty member who would like to allocate funds to your students for a project please reach out before the assignment is given so we can determine how best to proceed.

Sorry, no cash, checks, credit cards, or ArtiPrint funds.


These are personal funds that you have added to your card either via a station on campus or via the online portal. ARTICash is used to pay for just about anything on campus. By depositing money onto the card, it can be used to make copies, print projects, do laundry, purchase books and supplies, and buy food on and off campus.

This is personal money that YOU have added to your accounts online or at one of the Value Transfer Stations across campus.

ARTICash can be used at the Service Bureau and on the Self-Service Inkjet machines around campus.



This is money that is added to a students card by the school at the beginning of each semester. Usually, $25 or so is available. This money can only be used at the Copiers on campus and will not be an option during submission.

ARTIPrint money can not be used at the Service Bureau or the Wide Format Inkjet printers on campus.



ARTStaff is usually a faculty or staff member of the school that has been allotted funds from a department to use on departmental projects or teaching materials.

These are not personal funds and there has usually has been a set amount they have access to to use at their discretion.

Funds are accessed through the users own ARTICard account.



CRITCash is money that has been placed on a student account for a class project for a specific amount of time or semester. Usually this is a class like DSTUDIO in the VisCom department or sometimes a Printmaking class will have funds available. Please let us know

This money is only available for a limited time and they will have to use it by a certain date. They can pay for other students jobs but we will not take pre-payment for something that has not been submitted as an official job.



This money is available to staff working for Residence Life. You must select ARTIStaff.



                    This money is available to staff working for Residence Life. This money is automatically pulled from as if it were ARTICash money.


Writing Program 

The Writing Program has a series of classes that they cover the cost of black and white printing. Specifically, this is only for printing of black and white printing with one staple. We will not charge this card unless you are on the class list of one of these sections.


Department Funds

Departmental Funds use one of the many cards we have on file that are linked to a department’s printing budget. If you are a student, faculty or staff who have been granted access to this type of funding we will need departmental approval in the form of an email from the administrative contact sent to the Service Bureau at

The Admin for your area can email the Service Bureau before you submit with your name, the funding amount and any other details that may be helpful to us.

We are not able to target specific budget lines other than printing funds. If you have questions about how to charge a department project or target another account please email the Service Bureau Manager – Jennifer Keats at and we will work to get everything worked out before the order is placed.

If you work in an area that will have multiple users submitting jobs on your behalf and using a card on file here you can send us an email with a list of those users and for how long they have access. For example, you are in charge of five student workers in the SITE galleries and they may submit orders for the Fall semester on your behalf.


Student Groups

You can find a full listing of the registered SAIC student groups and learn more about them by visiting Engage SAIC.

Each registered Student Group receives funding from the college for printing through the Service Bureau. This money is only available for a limited time and each group will have to use it by a the end of the year.

Questions about how much money you have available or if you have a project that goes over your allotted funding please contact the Assistant Director of Campus Life, Kathleen Kivorkis at