Where are you located?
11th floor of the Sharp Building
37 S. Wabash Ave Suite 1111
Chicago, Il 60603


Who can use the Service Bureau?
The Service Bureau is open to currently enrolled students, Staff, Faculty and Alumni of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. You must have a valid ARTICard and be able to load money onto the ARTICard.

We are an educational institution and do not accept jobs from outside sources. You can check our On & Off Campus Resources page for other vendors who may be an option for your project.

> When and how do I pay for my job?
We only only accept ARTICash payments through an ARTICard. (We cannot use ARTIPrint funds)

Payment is taken when the order is complete. All orders must be paid before it is placed in the cabinet for pick up.

For more information on what ARTICard is and how to add funds to your account please visit the ARTICard department’s page here. 

Payment information and how to deposit funds is also located on our website here.



> What format do you prefer print files to be sent in?
Wide-Format Inkjet: TIFF or PDF files

Laser Prints/Copies/Books/Cards: We only accept PDF files

Cut Vinyl: requires an AI or EPS file with all text converted to outlines

Each of our processes has submission and file preparation information that can be found in full on the each respective Services page. We also have How-To-Booklets for a few of our more complicated services.

Make sure you follow all the specifications listed in our guidelines.
Incorrect files may result in delays to your order. We are not responsible for the content of your files, including typos, low resolution or other design errors. We will do our best to contact you if we notice any inconsistencies and give you the opportunity to update your order.

       > How Do I Submit My Order?

All orders must be submitted through the Digital Storefront. For more information please visit our Order Submission or Digital Storefront Help pages

> Are there templates that I can use for my artwork?
We have made templates for various services we offer, such as cards, buttons and folded brochures. See our Templates page for more information.

> How well will my job match what I see on my monitor?
Because of the wide differences in monitor calibration and the different technologies used, some printed colors may not exactly match the colors on your specific monitor. The Service Bureau exists as an educational tool for the SAIC community and will do everything to help educate users on how to achieve their desired results. We calibrate our equipment to industry standards to provide consistency of output and have provided file preparation guidelines to assist our users when submitting their files.

Without printing a proof, we cannot guarantee aspects of your job when it comes to color, lightness or darkness, and image resolution. For information on color management, see our color management page.

> How can I view a proof?
The proof process differs for each output device:

For our Wide-Format Inkjet service you can request a test strip for each of your files when ordering in the Digital Storefront. There is no charge for the first test strip. The test strip will be done within 24 hours of submission of your order. More information is available on the Wide Format Inkjet page.

For all Finishing or Color Laser orders we recommend submitting an order for 1 of the item you are interested in printing. The orders are completed within 24 hours and at that time if there are no changes to be made you can resubmit a new order for the full amount to be printed.

> Turnaround times? How long will it take to get my order?
Laser – 1-2 business days hours

Wide Format Inkjet – 4 business days, 2 business days for test strips (more than 2 test strips, each additional adds 1 day)

Riso – 2 business days for the first two colors, add 24 hours for additional colors / double sided orders.)

Vinyl – 2 business days

Perfect Binding – 6 business days for finals, 4 business days for proofs

Additional production time may be added for jobs with large quantities, special finishing or that are submitted at high volume times during the school year. We reserve the right to extend turnaround times. More information can be found in full on the each respective Services page.


> How can I get my order even faster?
We do not offer faster turnaround times for Laser, Perfect Binding or Risograph. For Wide-Format Printing we offer a 1  business day and 2 business day rush option that must be selected in the Digital Storefront. There are additional charges associated with faster turnaround times. Please visit the Wide-Format Inkjet page of our website for more information.

> What if I want to change something on my order after I’ve placed it?

If your job has not been printed we will be able to make changes. Please note that some changes cannot be made after certain stages in the production process — for instance, the quantity cannot be changed once your job has been printed. Any changes will restart the turnaround times.

In some instances we may ask that you start the submission process over.

> Can I cancel my order?
We try to start on your order as soon as possible in order to get it to you quickly. But if we haven’t yet started, we may be able to cancel the order. First, log onto the Digital Storefront website and click on your name at the top right, then click on the ‘Order History & Status‘ button that appears. The status is listed to the right of each order number. Jobs that are marked ‘Order Submitted’ are able to be cancelled. If your job has been processed and put ‘In Production’ please email us to see if it still can be cancelled. Printed jobs can not be cancelled. To check the detailed settings for each job, such as paper type and size, click on your name that is just below the status for that order number. If your job has been marked ‘Printed’ you should have received an email letting you know your order is ready for pick up, you may need to check your spam folder.

> Do you save my files from previous orders?
No. You are responsible for keeping your print ready files and submitting files with every order. However, if you placed an order using our Digital Storefront you can log into your account and access your files from previous orders.

> Is there a discount if I re-order my job?

> Shipping Services
We do not offer shipping services.


> When I come to pick up my order what can I expect?
All Laser, Binding and Risograph orders are packaged in brown kraft paper bags or boxes depending on the size of your order.  Cut Vinyl will be rolled up, unweeded, with a rubber band. Wide Format Inkjet prints will be rolled in butcher paper. Laser prints will be inside the cabinet while Inkjet, Latex, and Cut Vinyl will be in the white basket next to the cabinet.

> Will you cut down my Wide Format prints?
No. The Service Bureau does not offer finishing options on wide-format inkjet prints. Your print will be printed at the size you ordered on the appropriate sized media with crop marks to indicate where it will need to be cut down. We will roll your print in acid-free paper until it is ready for pick up. There are several Rototrim cutters available outside of the Service Bureau at all times.

> If I am unable to pick up my order can someone else pick it up for me?
Absolutely! They will need to be an SAIC student, faculty or staff with access to the building. Your order must be paid for before you will receive an email that your order is ready for pick up at our cabinet.

> The color on my laser prints is different from an earlier print I made, why is that?

Due to the nature of color laser printing, colors will shift throughout the day and from day to day. We are unable to exactly match prints made at separate times. Not all visible elements are able to be printed, some vibrant colors and gradients are not able to be rendered. Using the recommended PDF export settings & color profile with help get the closet possible print.



> What kind of paper will my job be printed on?
We have several paper types available, depending on what you are ordering. The individual services pages show available options. We would highly recommend stopping in at the Service Bureau to view our sample books. Please note that the colors indicated on the website are not an exact representation so please take this into account when ordering.

> What is the difference between text and cover paper weights?
Text is a thinner paper best used for flyers, copies, and book body pages. Cover is a thicker paper best used for cards, book covers, and print editions. See our guide to Paper Weights & Types

> What is the difference between coated and uncoated papers?
Coated paper stocks have a surface coating that has been applied to make the surface more receptive for the reproduction of text and images in order to achieve sharper detail and improved color density. Coated papers are used for Laser and Wide Format Inkjet printing. Only uncoated papers can be used for Risograph printing.

> Can I provide my own paper?
Yes, for most services we offer you can supply your own media.

Laser: We can print on almost any paper, as long as it is laser safe and no lighter than 60lb text and no heavier than 120lb cover. We reserve the right to deny customer supplied media.

Wide Format Inkjet: Must be made specifically for aqueous (water based) inkjet printing, see Wide Format Inkjet Paper Guide for more information.

We recommend discussing your project with a technician before purchasing materials for any of our services.

> What are all the Wide-Format options?
There are many options for wide-format printing. We have gloss and matte papers meant for the nicest looking prints or photographs. These are not the best choice for outdoor use. Vinyl banner is popular for outdoor use and can have edges sewn and grommets installed on all corners. See our Wide Format Inkjet Paper Guide for more information.


>  What if there is something wrong with my order?
If you notice an error due to printing quality or in finishing quality, please bring it to our staff’s attention as soon as you notice. If we overlooked something we are more than happy to work with you to provide  a refund or reprint, or discounted print.

We do however ask that you check your prints at the time of pickup. We do not refund past 72 hours of pick up.

Please refer to our Policy and Guidelines for more details regarding our reprint policy.