Our front counter will remain closed

All communications will be conducted via email or Zoom

All Payment and Order Pickups will be conducted remotely

Turnaround Times will be extended

To help reduce the spread of COVID-19, the Service Bureau will adjusting business operations to accommodate physical distancing.

Our services have been impacted or changed in a few specific ways. 

    • Adjusting staff hours and ceasing availability at our counter
    • Changing to remote order pick up and payment procedures
    • Temporarily extending our turnaround times
    • No longer offer material check outs: rulers, staplers, derollers, etc.

In addition, we are offering services that may help minimize your exposure and risk. 

    • Provide only remote consultations with our technicians
    • Ability to conduct Class Tours remotely via Zoom
    • Making available our paper samples for purchase + pickup only
    • Offering workshops remotely via Zoom.


Alumni are currently not permitted on campus. This is a temporary change to the campus policy. More information can be found on the Alumni Benefits page. 

If you have questions please email us at servicebureau@saic.edu or sign up for a consultation. 


Remote Payment and Pick Up Procedures 

Please take a moment to read carefully the details regarding our new remote payment and pick up system.

We have also added information about the types of funds you have to print. We will ask that you let us know when you submit your order which account we are going to charge. 

If you are a supervisor in an area with multiple staff who will be submitting on your behalf or maybe picking up orders on your behalf please check our or page on Departmental printing

Staff Consultation:
10 Minutes

Service Bureau staff are on hand to for remote consultations and offer assistance on proper file setup with printing projects for all faculty, staff and students.

Want help planning your project? Need assistance choosing one of our services or have general questions about materials? We offer 10 minute consultations to help with questions specifically about submitting orders or preparing files for the Service Bureau.

You can find more information on our Tours + Consultations page.


Class Tours:
45 Minutes

We offer tours to classes interested in a general overview of the Service Bureau.

We will go over available services, show examples of the various products, discuss turnaround times and relevant file submission information.

We encourage faculty to work a Remote Class Tour into your syllabus and set up the exact day/time at the beginning of the semester.

More info on these tours can be found on our Tours + Consultation page.


Video Tour:
12 Minutes

We have created a short video to highlight our services and offer a quick overview of the product and processes we offer.

Available on our You Tube channel to everyone without an appointment this video goes into each product we offer, tips and tricks for each product, general submission guidelines and where to find more info on our website.


360 Lab Tour:
Google Poly

We also have available a 360 VR Tour of the interior and exterior of the Service Bureau.

For those classes that are meeting remotely this fall it is the perfect opportunity to learn about the equipment we will be using to complete your job.



Fall Schedule: September 3rd - December 21st
Monday - Friday
Closed Sat/Sun
We no longer have walk-up hours at the Service Bureau.
Production occurs Monday - Friday
Spring Schedule
Monday to Friday
Closed Sat/Sun
We no longer have walk-up hours at the Service Bureau.
Production occurs Monday - Friday
Important Dates:
Nov. 23rd-24th

Dec. 21-22nd
Dec. 23rd - Jan. 4th

Winter Interim Jan. 4th - 25th
Monday - Friday
Closed Sat/Sun

Must submit in order to pick up on Nov. 25th

Must submit in order to pick up on Dec. 23rd.

We no longer have walk-up hours at the Service Bureau.
Production occurs Monday - Friday