Wide Format Paper Options

The Service Bureau accepts customer-supplied rolls to be printed on our Espon P9000 or our Mimaki JV400 Latex printer.

All paper must be for made specifically for these printers.

Before users submit using the Digital Storefront we ask that you send us an email an include any important information about the paper that you plan to print on. If accepted, we will ask that you drop off your paper in our Remote Cabinet or at the Service Bureau in room 1111.

All paper must be brought into the Service Bureau in its original packaging with the weight and g/mclearly marked. If the original packaging is not supplied, the Service Bureau will not print using the supplied media.

The original packaging or a spec sheet must be brought in each and every time that a print job is submitted.

The Epson P9000 printer can accept rolls up to 44″.

The Latex printer can accept rolls up to 60″.

Turnaround Times & Proofing

The standard turnaround time for bringing in your own media to use on the Wide Format printers will most likely be longer due to necessary testing. During midterms and finals, turnaround times may increase.

If you are running a large job and want to see a proof copy, turn in a print submission for only one or two of your file or submit for a test strip.


This will be completed within 48 hours. Once you are satisfied and “approve” your print, you may then turn in the final order for the full amount of copies that you want.

A test strip is highly recommended because it allows you to see exactly what the final print will look like.

Accepted Paper Types

The Epson P9000 can handle a variety of media and we would recommend using either vendors like ItSupplies or Lexjet to purchase appropriate media for the printer specifically. Please talk with a technician BEFORE purchase. 

Our Latex printer can print on a wide variety of media. We would require that it be made for this type of printer and come with a paper backing.

We will do what we can to get the best results on whatever media you supply, however, this printer is really make to do well with outdoor or signage so please keep that in mind when planning your project.

Please talk with a technician BEFORE purchase. 

Unaccepted Paper Types

We will only print on media specifically made to go through this printers. You will have to supply a spec sheet and the media will need to be in its original packaging.

The Service Bureau does reserve the right to deny submitted paper types at any time.