All communications are conducted via email, consultations & class tours via Zoom.

All Payment and Order Pickups will be conducted remotely.

You must have a valid ArtiCard and be able access to campus to pick up your order. All orders are placed in our contactless pick up cabinet once you have schedule your pick up time

Below you will find a step-by-step of the process and what to expect at each stage.

All of our services and products are available to order through our Digital Storefront.
Our Digital Storefront Help Page has information about common questions and problems.

Please check your SAIC email regularly.

This is how we are going to communicate with you about your order.


Orders are submitted via our Digital Storefront.

Time to put money on your card!  Learn how to do that here. 

We will charge the designated account remotely once your order has been completed. The default payment method is ArtiCash.

You can login to DSF to check the status of your job and see your total for each job.


Whether you are on or off campus – you can check your balance here.


Payment is processed

Once you order is complete  – we will charge your card for the total.

If you do not have the funds –  we will send you a reminder notice. 


Your order will be delayed if we cannot charge your card at time of completion.

Pick up will not be scheduled until payment is accepted.

Schedule Pick Up

Once payment is processed we send a link via email with Pick Up information. 

Pay Attention!!

In this email will be:

——-> A link to schedule a pick up time in our Pick Up Cabinet!  <——

You must have a valid ArtiCard and be able to access to campus to pick up your order.

Pick up at the Cabinet

You pick a time + we send you reminders!

-> There is no code or lock <-

Location : Lobby of 11th Floor of Sharp (Across from elevators & next to VISCOM desk)

Access: Any time the Sharp building is open

Sign up for a time slot that will ensure it will be in the box when you need it. 
You will have to plan ahead for early morning classes and weekend pick ups.
Do not schedule until you know you will be on campus and able to access the cabinet.

Check the Frequently Asked Questions below about scheduling. 


Frequently asked questions


How long do I have to pick up once it’s in the cabinet?

Orders will be in the cabinet until you pick up.
Do not schedule until you know you will be on campus and able to access the cabinet.



What if I don’t have the funds on my ARTICard when you try to charge for payment?

Without payment we will not send you a link for scheduling pick up.
You will receive an email reminding you to add money to your card.


How long will you hold my order if I forget to pick it up?

Orders are held for 30 days. We send reminders to pick up but after that it will be recycled.


How do I put money on my card?

You can deposit cash and have it immediately post to your ArtiCard account at one of the campus Value Transfer Stations. Or you can use the Self-Service to access your Financial account and the CASHnet system. This can take over 24 hours for funds to be available. Click here for more information.